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Our Third Act

Mary JohnsonOur Third Act or the last 2 - 4 decades of life begins according to many traditions at age 60. 60 feels pretty darn young to me (though my kids say different!). Yet there are some very specific attributes that, as my journey into this time began, confirmed I was in it!

A Swedish Gerontologist by the name of Lars Tornstam has spend decades interviewing older individuals He has detailed the emotional terrain of this next stage of personal development. There is a drive for growth that challenges our usual thinking about getting older. Do any of these feel familiar?**:

  1. The person becomes less self-occupied and at the same time more selective in the choice of social and other activities.
  2. There is an increased feeling of affinity with past generations and a decreased interest in superfluous social interaction.
  3. Someone might also experience a decrease interest in material things and a greater need for solitude. He calls this positive solitude (vs loneliness).
  4. There is often a feeling of cosmic communication with the spirit of the universe and a redefinition of time, space, life and death.

** From Second Wind by Dr. Bill Thomas 2014 Simon Schuster Paperbacks Page 211 and 212.

When I read this, these attributes This sounds an awful lot like the results we seek from meditation, spending time in nature, a deep practice of of such things as yoga or journalling. And I realized I have had all of these attributes swirling around me the last few years, gently inviting me to consider them. Having struggled at times too reach a place of a degree of non-attachment, who knew at a certain time it comes more naturally! So while one part of me is like “no way!”, there is another part of me for which this deeply resonates.

Coaching with Mary

Mary has a knack of being able to listen and recognize patterns of thinking and behaving that may not serve you in your 3rd Act. Her insights, intuition and personal exploration will support you in this all important and rewarding journey. Mary brings a deep caring and a practical compassion to her clients.

Additionally, Mary is an International Coach Federation PCC designated coach. She is a graduate of the International Coach Federation certified 'Art and Science of Coaching' at Erickson College, Vancouver Canada in 2006.

Are you in the place of wanting to explore the tasks and challenges of your 3rd Act? Please give Mary a call.

Meeting Mary and being coached and guided by her was phenomenal. I felt like I was talking with someone I had known for years. She had keen insights into my nature and personality. Utilizing some very simple and practical strategies, Mary helped me constructively focus my energy, clearly define goals, establish a plan and take the necessary action to achieve my desired results. Through Mary's adept facilitation, I have acquired a position that met all of my expectations.

Howie H.
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I wanted to work with a coach who could intuitively understand me, get beyond what I was saying, help me recognize and guide me through processes that would stretch and grow me. Mary has that ability; she asked the right questions at the right time - challenged me to look at myself and how I interact with the world around me differently. She simply insists that I had the courage to explore and discover the answers for myself. I know that wouldn't have been possible without her work in laying the foundation for me to build on". There are still times when snippets of our conversations come back to me. They continue to influence the choices I make.

Donna Smith
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Interested in what coaching could do for you? Call me to discuss the possibilities.

Bad things are not the worst things that can happen to us. Nothing is the worst thing that can happen to us.

Richard Bach