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What Mary's coaching clients have said......

Bonnie Hutchinson - Transitions coach, consultant and author ...........

"I’m so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mary Johnson and the Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) material.

The FEBI instrument itself is easy to complete. I was incredibly impressed with the comprehensive report. It identified patterns that felt familiar (yep, I already knew I’m good at visioning but have trouble organizing!). More importantly The information was framed simply as preferred patterns. in how we use our energy. That was so much more empowering than just providing a description. The report also provided information about how to work around the limitations caused by the way I typically use energy.

The best part was working directly with Mary. Through her experience and the videos, I learned simple techniques that enable me to build on my strengths and access ways of being that are less developed. Who knew that I could use sound, breathing patterns, small changes in my environment and simple motions to bring my visions into practical organized reality? What a gift!

As a direct result of working with Mary, my frustration has decreased and my productivity has increased. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Janine - Clinical Nurse Educator ...........

"Mary was absolutely wonderful and is a very insightful woman. She had the uncanny ability to challenge me at the right time and know exactly what questions to ask. Her approach was gentle and she has amazing listening skills. Mary was able to assist me to focus and live more in the present, and let go of the past.

During one particular session, she asked me a specific question which was truly “the turning point” in my journey. I actually felt a “shift”… at a visceral level. It was magical! I felt empowered and truly believe that she was a catalyst in my transformation to become a more insightful and authentic woman. The potential that I had locked within me was discovered and released through Mary’s gentle guidance, compassion, caring and concern for me as an individual. The strategies that Mary taught me, I use on myself and with others on a daily basis.

Mary is an amazing woman who really inspired me, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking new awareness for personal and/or professional growth. I invite you to feel, speak out and “live the difference” supported by Mary’s coaching abilities and her presence!"

Eleanor F ...........

"Kouzes, J. and Posner, B. wrote int The Leadership Challenge (2007) that "leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen". I have had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing this unexpected insight into my own personal and professional leadership journey with Mary as my coach and mentor.

Fostering the right balance in a relationship, she centers the discussion and is able to bring forward meaningful questions that drive to the heart of the subject yet convey a wisdom that I believe is remarkable. Mary's creative approach pulled my career, home life and creative self into a collaborative journey that was transformational for me. Thank you Mary, you are the best."

Donna S. ...........

"I wanted to work with a coach who could intuitively understand me, get beyond what I was saying, help me recognize and guide me through processes that would stretch and grow me. Mary has that ability; she asked the right questions at the right time - challenged me to look at myself and how I interact with the world around me differently.

When I got stuck or was reluctant to do the work, she stuck with me with patience and persistence. There are still times when snippets of our conversations come back to me. They continue to influence the choices I make.

Mary never took credit for any of the growth I've experienced. She simply insists that I had the courage to explore and discover the answers for myself. I know that wouldn't have been possible without her work in laying the foundation for me to build on."

Howie H. ..........

"Prior to working with Mary, I was unemployed. I wanted a job that was challenging, had variety, was fulfilling and offered reasonable monetary compensation. Though there were a number of employment potentials, I was scattered, frustrated and confused about them. Meeting Mary and being coached and guided by her was phenomenal. I felt like I was talking with someone I had known for years. She had keen insights into my nature and personality.

Utilizing some very simple and practical strategies, Mary helped me constructively focus my energy, clearly define goals, establish a plan and take the necessary action to achieve my desired results. Through Mary's adept facilitation, I have acquired a position that met all of my expectations.

I do not hesitate in strongly recommending her coaching and facilitating services to anyone seeking a positive change in their lives.
Mary is amazing."

Comments about Mary as a presenter …..

Change Your Story – Change Your Life
"I learned to take a step back and reflect on what story I am telling myself and how that can hold me back or help me grow" - Marketing Director
Stress is an Inside Story …..
"Remembering that I have control over a lot of things. (turning around the way you look at a situation)." "It was clear and practical."

Language is the software of your mind.

David McNally