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Focus Energy Balance Indicator

I’m so grateful to work with Mary Johnson and the Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI). The FEBI is easy to complete. I was impressed with the comprehensive report. It identified patterns that felt familiar (yep, I already knew I’m good at visioning but have trouble organizing!). The report also provided information about how to work around the limitations caused by the way I typically use energy. The best part was working directly with Mary. I learned simple techniques that enable me to build on my strengths and access ways of being that are less developed. Who knew that sound, breathing patterns, small changes in my environment and simple motions to bring my visions into practical organized reality? What a gift! Mary, my frustration has decreased and my productivity has increased. Thank you thank you thank you!

Bonnie Hutchinson - Transitions coach, consultant and author
Edmonton Alberta Canada, www.BonnieHutchinson.com
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FEBI for Individuals

The Focus Energy Balance Indicator™ (FEBI™) gives insight into one’s use of four fundamental energy patterns linking mind, body and everyday work behaviors. It gives a view into the whole leader, and identifies practical ways to build greater performance and sustainable balance.

The FEBI report includes:

  • a profile of one’s pattern preferences,
  • characterization of how the patterns are used in combination,
  • sorted preferences for how one uses the patterns in common work behaviors,
  • potential rick areas from under-using a pattern, and
  • wide ranging development suggestions for strengthening a weak pattern.

Weak patterns are of particular focus in the FEBI report, as research correlating FEBI results with 360 data show, in almost all cases, the areas for development noted by others come out of the weaker patterns self-reported on the FEBI.

The FEBI is especially useful in leadership programs and individual coaching, as it readily connects to other feedback or program content, showing leaders how they have to be on the inside to create the effect or performance they want to see around them. The FEBI also serves as an excellent teambuilding tool, as it shows what behaviors a team will naturally migrate toward, what it may overlook and ways it can be more balanced or focused in its approach.

The FEBI is in increasing use among executive coaches and in high-profile leadership programs, including at Dell, Novartis, Royal Caribbean, NASA and Older Wyman.

FEBI for Teams

The FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator) measures one’s use of four fundamental energy patterns linking mind, body and behaviors. It both describes currently preferred patterns and prescribes patterns that will overcome potential risk areas, leading to greater performance and sustainable balance. Leveraging the oneness of body and mind, it shows how one can embody new learning, and be the change one wants to see in a team, a business, or the world.

The individual FEBI report includes

  • a profile of pattern preferences,
  • preferred styles of working,
  • how the patterns emerge in common work behaviors,
  • potential risk areas from under-using a pattern, and
  • wide ranging development suggestions for strengthening a weak pattern.

Personal insights abound when people read their FEBI reports, as they understand, for example, why they’re drawn to certain kinds of work, or irritated by certain kinds of people.

Even greater insights are possible, however, when the FEBI is used with a group or team, for it provides a common, non-judgmental language for understanding and valuing differences.

The FEBI Group Report shows

  • which patterns are dominant in the team,
  • which ones may be under-represented,
  • what the team will naturaly focus on,
  • what it may overlook.

Finally the patterns provide particularly rich prescriptive actions for how teams can better balance and align their energies. Team members generally come away with clear commitments for enhancing both personal and team effectiveness.

Think this might be for you?

If the idea of whole leadership and sustainable balance is something you would like more of for yourself or for your organization, call me to see how FEBI can help.

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