Essential Conversations

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Essential Conversations

This 4 module series is designed to deliver practical tools to anyone who needs to collaborate with others in the workplace.

While ‘crucial’ and ‘fierce’ conversations are important, the foundation for these are laid much earlier in a working relationship. It’s this foundation we focus on first before we get to the hard conversations. Honed over 20 years in roles that reconciled issues in the workplace, Mary brings her deep knowledge and best learning to support you to have respectful, productive conversations with those that you lead and work with.

Module #1 Setting the Stage:
This pulls apart the background influences and supports in your organization to understand how you can create the foundation for conversation success. This focused in the individual initiating the workplace conversation.
Module #2 First Conversations:
Here you will learn and practice the steps of the types of conversations to have long before a situation becomes difficult. Done well and with frequency, you may never need to have a difficult conversation!
Module #3 Difficult Conversations:
The skills learned in Modules 1 and 2 to a real time difficult situation in your workplace. Additional tools are acquired for handling objections.
Module #4 Conversation Applications:
Applying the Conversation Model to other conversations you might have. Conversations such as performance Reviews, Career, with your boss, or a peer.

The skills learned are practiced in between modules with a debrief at the beginning of each module. The skills get additionally reinforced with 6 month of group coaching (2 hours/ month) to pull apart and learn or prepare for real working conversations that need to take place.

Contact me for more information on how this program can strengthen your supervisors, Team Leads, Managers skills in engaging their employees.

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