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Watching New Dad

Mary Johnson - Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Almost 12 weeks ago our youngest son became a dad. As with many youngest children, the older siblings (and his folks!) would say they did a lot for him growing up. As well as bossing him about and giving tons of unwanted advice. Youngests are quite brilliant because they manage all these competing personalities and behaviours. That said there is this propensity to view youngest as still needed some sort of assistance even as adults.

When 'my baby' and his wife had their baby, I watched a transformation. 'Bub' (as I call him) is an amazing father. He's supportive of his wife, helpful around the tasks of baby care, an incredible voice of reason around new parent concerns. Willing to research against  unwanted advice and stand firm in his decisions. He delights at every smile, eyebrow raise, baby's bath antics. I get pictures all the time. Everything little Hailey does is noteworthy is the most beautiful sense. She has thrilled him to his core and he simply adores his daughter!

We have a ringside seat with the new wee family living at our place for awhile. We are fortunate to witness the making of these precious parent bonds. My Son has deepened in so many ways. His loving, gentle nature has, in addition to his wife, another natural place to flow  It's with pride and great love I watch this new dad. 

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