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The time has come

Mary Johnson - Monday, June 24, 2019

Oh the dance I've been doing in my head. Do I? Don't I? Am I ready to shift gears? No, yes and no again. My inside voice says there are still things I want, or think I want to do! Or do I? ..... 

For a good number of months now have been taking stock of where I am at in my 'work life'. Since I graduated from nursing training I have worked for 45 years. Not shabby! This doesn't include my part time jobs going to school or the massive amount of babysitting I did as a young girl. Been at this old work thing a good long while. It's incredibly hard to see myself any other way. The niggles have been there though. It finally hit me just the other day. This - BridgeWorks Consulting (formed in 2003) followed by BridgeWorks Coaching, is complete. There is nothing more I want to give to it. It wasn't a head decision. My head has been rather hopeless in all this. What I experienced was a 'click' in my body. When I felt it, I knew it was time! For those that know me well know I like to keep options open. I don't believe I'm done, done yet. Am working on a small project interviewing women in their 60's - 90's. It's been incredibly sweet and there are seeds of something else there. But this version of myself, my website, blog etc will be removed from the airwaves next month. Seemed only right to let you know.

Now (she says with a full heart) I want to thank each and everyone of you who has taken the time to read and/ or comment on my thoughts presented in this blog over the years. It made a difference to me to know you were there! Often I could see certain people as I wrote. You gave me purpose. This time with you has truly has been a great privilege. My deep thanks and best wishes to you all, Mary

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Diane MacDonald commented on 25-Jun-2019 06:38 AM
What a lovely farewell note, Mary. I have enjoyed and learned so much from your very personal sharing on your blog. Congratulations on listening to the signs of change. I know energy cannot be created nor destroyed, and I look forward to hearing what shape your energy takes next.

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