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The Pivot

Mary Johnson - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

For years I have spoken about 'Your Story' - the one you tell yourself everyday. Especially when  a circumstance has triggered a particular reaction. Smugly thought I had figured out my story in all it' splendour and murkiness! Well loving to be pleasantly surprised in life, I certainly was! 

Got ahold of Tad Hargrave's 'The Niching Spiral'. In it he walks you through a fascinating and liberating look at niching. One of the invites is to create your story line. There is 'a something' most of us in business want to offer others. It is shaped by the good/ bad things we have experienced as well as the ugly/inspiring events of our lives. I have written out my story a few times in my life - looking for clues to a variety of things. Wasn't sure what doing it again would offer. And, .... I committed to gaining some clarity on whether I was still on the right path. Righto!

The second part of this came from Jeff Goins 'The Art of Work'. Once you have written your story create a PIVOT. What else could your story be saying (to you and possibly others)? Come at your story from another angle. And another, and possibly another yet. You need to give it a bit of time. Write, walk away, lookout it some more, write again.

Surprise!!! I found 5 pivots on my story. 5! To say I was blown away would be an understatement. One of my storylines centered around my last job and the ombudsman like work I did. In fact this is the story I used to underpin my business. In my heart of hearts, there had always been something missing for me. Yet on the surface it seemed a great door into the business world. Then I saw the story of the technical frontline nurse makes her way into a senior corporate role. There is another one about not letting a life threatening illness conquer me; the spiritual seeker and my longest, strongest thread that is about health. Not peas and carrots stuff; rather how do you move past the barriers, triggers, circumstances that hold you back to become a source of contribution in the world.

Bingo! while all of the PIVOTS are true versions of my life, it's the last one that energizes me and I can speak to without hesitation. I had completely walked past this one, thinking it just a stop along my way to something bigger. To quote my grand daughter 'Silly Grandma!' Yet I might have continued to have this dropped thread without this once-more look.

What about you? Perhaps it's time to examine your story. Maybe it's run out of steam - no longer inspiring you. Write out that story of yours. Then look for what else might be there. A thread that may go back a long way. Or maybe it'll invigorate your present story. Either way don't be fooled into thinking this is all there is. Your stories will tell you otherwise.

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