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Surrounded by love and memories

Mary Johnson - Tuesday, December 19, 2017

For the past 40 years we have hosted a Sunday Christmas brunch called the 'Pink Gin Float Breakfast'. Yes we make pink gin floats (pink lemonade, gin and ice cream). A summer themed drink enjoyed in the opposite season! The brunch is an appreciation gesture to family and friends. After all these years people tell us they look forward to seeing folks they only see on this day as well as yummy food!

The day before is busy with getting the food and the house ready. Mid afternoon Saturday I put up my feet and surveyed my surroundings. As Christmas carols played in the background I could see the threads of many many Christmases pulled forward into this day. Cookie recipes from my Gran, my mom's holiday table cloth, a stocking from my childhood, ceramic decorations made by my Aunt and a friend at the time to celebrate my oldest son's first Christmas. My 1st son's grade one 'forest of pinecones' sits on a small table along with a beautiful music box - gift from a dear friend who died 9 years ago. An advent calendar from the gift shop of my favourite workplaces, Seven Sleeps Before Christmas - a book authored 20 years ago by a friend of mine. Decorations made by the boys. It goes on and on. 

These are not just items that get brought out each Christmas season to 'decorate the house'. These are wonderful memories wrapped in love and fondly placed around my home each year. I am surrounded by a lifetime of love and goodness every day but especially remembered and celebrated this time of year.

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