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Structured Procrastination

Mary Johnson - Friday, May 29, 2015

Time management. Getting organized. Have a system. Oh I try, and try, and it's just not something I have ever been able to maintain. Now don't get me wrong. I get things done. Especially things near and dear to my heart. Can be quite fierce about it in fact. Still I've never 'flown' straight on this time management thing. 

Then a number of years ago a fellow I worked with shared a concept he came across called Structured Procrastination. Structured procrastination you say?! What on the earth is that? Well for we less than linear folks, give us or decide on a top priority. Like writing a book; a time sensitive goal. Lay out a loose framework. Even better add in a firm timeline. While this top priority is percolating, you will find yourself attending to all manner of other things (ah the satisfaction of striking things off a list!!). 

For those more methodical, you will look messy and not on task. Understand that your priority has been seeded in your mind's eye. At the right time (and those of us that live this 'know' the 'right time') you will ride a creative wave of energy to get done what you had originally set out to do. MBTI folks call it having a 'pressure prompt'. The doing can't be forced before you're ready. I know because I've tried. Ended up redoing at the last minute anyway. The trick is to know this about yourself and to understand how to work with this distinctive ebb and flow of energy.

For those of you who want more into, there's a whole website.....

PS It's 9:50 A deadline noon today. . Gotta go!

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