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Reflecting back to move forward

Mary Johnson - Thursday, May 10, 2018

My last post was about looking for purpose at this stage of the game. (What is my purpose?)  Not really any closer but have had some fun casting about my life for clues. A good place to start has been looking at my career path. First off I calculated that since I finished nurses training I have been in the workforce 44 years. 44 years! That blew me away. In this time I have worked in 11 organizations/ businesses including 2 iterations on my own and in 8 other roles. I think that's what has kept me going. The reinvention or re-bundling of my work skills in a number of different settings and situations. What fun really!  

Then there were the 3 years in nurses training. We supplied 'labour' to the hospital in repayment for our schooling. There was a lot of payback! Part time work while in high school as a salesperson/ sewing instructor and waitressing, including being a cigarette girl for the Klondike Days cabaret in the hotel I worked. As well as cigarettes I also sold pickled eggs. Ha! Can you imagine? And of course did my share of babysitting in the neighbourhood before that. 

Geez! No wonder it's hard to see oneself outside the realm of paid work. I have been doing a version of it for a long, long time! Suspect this is one of the reasons people find the idea of 'retirement' hard. I'm not unusual in my work history. Work provides a 'purpose' or a place to play out our purpose. Contemplating shifting away from this is a huge rethink of who you are and what now are my days all about. 

Looking closer some themes and clues for me are embedded in my career. Several of these roles were brand new. Never done before. Loved making something my own. Then there was the opportunity to bring new ways of looking at situations to the table. I also frequently worked with eclectic individuals. All of this was very juicy. I still get excited when I think about those times.  

I feel pretty pleased looking back at my career. There is direction, certainly a 'feel' of what could be possible. It's not immediate but something more to bring into my reflections at this time. Nice!


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