Connecting The Dots

Discussing the threads of my own passions which have culminated in my work as coach, mentor, presenter in my own business.

36 years

Mary Johnson - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Neil Long Beach 36 years ago today Neil and I married. Unlike today, it was cold, windy and rainy. A sign of luck people said (though what else do folks say on your special day?!) Perhaps they were right. It's been an interesting ride. Lots of challenges, 3 amazing boys, lots of fun. Neil snorts at the expression of 'soulmate' - a word that suggests goodness and light in all things relationship. We are good partners on this journey called marriage. 

For me, relationship is where you learn the most about yourself and how you relate with others. It hasn't always been pretty. In fact some of me could be darn ugly. Same with my date. Still we hung in, knowing somewhere we are good people wanting similar things, cutting each other slack albeit at times an uneasy one. Those times shaped us far more than the good times - though I'd be a fool if I didn't say I preferred the good. We had lots of fun too!!  

So here's to a fellow that's been my soft (and not so soft) place to land for 36 years. I am so much better for our time together.  

Hello world!

Mary Johnson - Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Hello world! Finally here, in my *NEW* website with a blog that is connected. Wow this feels good! Been telling people the last number of years that in my work it has at times felt like an ill fitting suit. Tired of pulling at the hem and adjusting the jacket, I went out an got me a new one!

My dear friend and website guru Dave surprised me last night saying - “You’re Live.” No! I’m not ready! Was scrambling despite the last couple of weeks eating, sleeping (well not much) and breathing the ‘new’ me with website design, content, pictures, my new cards. I apparently had the wrong ‘dinner date’. Ha! So now I am caught up - am fulling wearing BridgeWorks Coaching.

This journey of blogging began 4 years ago. Your comments (on and off the blog) and support have kept me inspired. Hope you’ll continue to journey with me while I connect the dots. :-)

Who Knew....

Mary Johnson - Wednesday, August 27, 2014

that picking a new website was so complicated! My website platform has reached the end of what it can do. I’ve decided on my new logo. So it makes sense to change ‘er all up. Well websites come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes; capabilities and complexities; and options, options, options. You have to picture yourself and your content while someone else’s creativity and message is capturing your attention.

Not long ago I listened to my niece as she was required to chose the paint color, taps, handles, cabinets, doors, finishes etc in her new home. Of course! I thought it’s a house! Well heads up! – websites come with that many bells and whistles too. I just about caved as I wanted the process over. Luckily I hung in and found something I quite like. Dear David, my web guru, is delighted I’ve finally landed too.

Enjoying the Ride

Mary Johnson - Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last time I wrote about riding a small wave of energy. Be darned if that energy has hung in and in and in. Experiencing shades of a former self as I get caught up in the energy of reinventing myself, in my business, in my life. Is it getting clearer on who I am, and what I want to do? Or examining beliefs that have held me fast. Or our fabulous summer weather? In the end the why is irrelevant.

I’ve been asking for some inspiration/ momentum. In the words of Mark Nepo,

“We are all continually asked to learn how to ask for what we need, only to practice accepting what we are given.”

I’m running with this one!