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I woke up relieved

Mary Johnson - Thursday, December 14, 2017

If you're like me it's hard to get away from all the news that showcases partisan politics. My personal opinion is that what has been ramping up in the States affects us here in this country. Our brand of politics is nastier too.  I have watched, with baited breath, the moves of this president and his wing man Steve Bannon in dismantling decency and democracy as it's been practice since before I was born. Both stirring the pot to create chaos and mistrust. It seemed to be working!

So it was with such relief I woke up to the news that the despicable individual that ran for the Republicans in Alabama was defeated. I was quite taken back by the strength of my feelings. After all this is not my representative or even my country. There's been a growing a sense of losing our moral compass - in what is considered right and honourable. For example being a gentleman seems a quaint old fashioned concept. Better to be a  'rootin', tootin' cowboys of the wild west'. (And we put down or are horrified at other cultures that marry young girls off, have overt male privilege, restrict women access to just about anything you can imagine). Can't we see a version of this is in our own back yard!

Well apparently we can. Those most affected by the nasty rhetoric got out and voted. Made their voices heard despite practices that would try to discourage them. Yes, yes, yes your vote does count. Your protest and speaking up does make a difference. We don't need to be saved by an authority figure. We can speak up and save ourselves. I watched a powerful reminder that if we want change it really begins with each one of us!         

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