Connecting The Dots

Discussing the threads of my own passions which have culminated in my work as coach, mentor, presenter in my own business.

Unexpected delicious

Mary Johnson - Thursday, February 28, 2019

In January I wrote about this year being about Delicious (Seeking and finding delicious). It is wonderful what this focus is doing to not only the broad strokes of my life, but to the small day to day events! I am challenging myself to add a little juice by seeking out some new-to-me things. I've attended some events I've probably only entertained in the periphery of my mind. Like a Reconciliation event (and now signed up for a second); a fashion show; saying yes to an unexpected invite to a play; participating in a shamanic journey; learning how to create a photo book; saying another yes. This time to a cheap junket to somewhere we have never been. In my office I have a flip chart with a list of ongoing events and situations that I anticipate will be delicious. I am on the look out for additional opportunities. It's been fun!

Then there is my day to day. Have to admit the cold has layered an element of 'drag' into my psyche. Still I have made big efforts to get out regularly to walk, meet friends, make my way through books that have been calling me for a time, attend yoga, have some Baby Hailey time. These past  3 - 4 months have brought connecting with dear people I haven't seen for a time. Nothing like catching up with interesting people for a few hours over coffee. That alone is delicious!

As often happens in conversation, my friend inadvertently gave me some fuel and nourishment for the road. I asked about her marriage; how were things these days? Both of us have had some times of struggle. It can be pretty easy to blame the other. As her story unfolded she shared her recognition the struggle was within her. Not her partner. And how this realization shifted the relationship. Ahh so true. My head nodded in agreement as this mirrored something similar with me.

Then there was the part of the conversation about our 'echo' careers. My friend is a consummate facilitator. I asked her about some of her co-facilitating partnerships. She spoke about the waxing and waning of these partnership and sometimes it's simply done it's job and is over. This spoke to me also as I figure out my next steps.

Lastly, there was the dive on changing energies at this time. Both of us have experienced a significant shift in recognizing certain people, places and events simply take more than they give. To not take on, to be more discerning, of that which no longer serves seems a sign of growing wisdom. 

I can get into my head and noodle around too much. By sharing her stories and perspectives on where she is at was great comfort and a huge affirmation I am not in the weeds but on a good path. It was not the intention or focus of our time for her to provide me with all this. And she did! This was the unexpected delicious! 

Watching New Dad

Mary Johnson - Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Almost 12 weeks ago our youngest son became a dad. As with many youngest children, the older siblings (and his folks!) would say they did a lot for him growing up. As well as bossing him about and giving tons of unwanted advice. Youngests are quite brilliant because they manage all these competing personalities and behaviours. That said there is this propensity to view youngest as still needed some sort of assistance even as adults.

When 'my baby' and his wife had their baby, I watched a transformation. 'Bub' (as I call him) is an amazing father. He's supportive of his wife, helpful around the tasks of baby care, an incredible voice of reason around new parent concerns. Willing to research against  unwanted advice and stand firm in his decisions. He delights at every smile, eyebrow raise, baby's bath antics. I get pictures all the time. Everything little Hailey does is noteworthy is the most beautiful sense. She has thrilled him to his core and he simply adores his daughter!

We have a ringside seat with the new wee family living at our place for awhile. We are fortunate to witness the making of these precious parent bonds. My Son has deepened in so many ways. His loving, gentle nature has, in addition to his wife, another natural place to flow  It's with pride and great love I watch this new dad. 

The Joy of Cold Days

Mary Johnson - Wednesday, February 06, 2019

It's been cold. Really really cold! The Polar Vortex has made its presence know all over North America though it has decidedly settled over Alberta. Yesterday morning was minus 34 though colder here in the burbs. Damn! That's just cold. 

Now it's pretty easy to get caught up and moan and groan about our winter fates. It is a challenge on many fronts. Yet there are some fabulous things that cold, cold weather invites you to take advantage of. Here are some of my favourites!

1. A glass of wine, good music by the fire.

2. Time to read some of the great books I got at Christmas!

3. An excuse to say 'No, can when it warms up!'

4. Cooking hearty meals with enough for hearty left-overs.

5. Cozy sheets and blankets.

6. Sleeping better under those cozy sheets and blankets.

7. Catching up on my PVR'd shows.

8.  Sitting around the kitchen table chatting for longer because you aren't rushing off somewhere.

9. Your neighbour driving! :))

10. Taking a little longer over the paper (yes we still do an actual paper) and coffee. 

11. Planning your garden, ... maybe ordering seeds.

12. Knowing how wonderful and energetic you'll feel after this enforced downtime.

Yes there is much to appreciate during this time. We know it won't last forever. So dive in and make the best of it. What choice do you have!?