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Have you ever had something happen that shifted your thinking so completely? Well turning 60 did this for me. Never had a birthday bothered me. This one was different. My mom had died earlier that year and I was no longer someone’s child. Had no idea this would set me off on a new way of looking at my life.

A funnel shapeThe whole of my existence up until now was about expansion. Learning and growing up to step out into the adult world to have a career, a marriage, family, home, more education travel, acquiring of experiences and goodies. To be a productive, contributing human being. All of you have your version of this. For me life looked like this, ….. an ever expanding ‘V’

A diamond shapeAt 60 I literally felt the V turn back on itself to begin to look more like a diamond with the top of the diamond being my eventually death. It was a jarring realization. And I knew it was time to travel lighter. Mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

Several years later, an article on the December Years by Reb Zalman (Full name Zalman Schachter Shalomi) explained why I felt the way I had on the birthday. 60 heralds the beginning of the last third of our lives. It’s a distinct developmental stage of life and is a time of integrating whole of our lives. No wonder it felt so big!

It’s into the exploration and discovery of this time I now focus my coaching and work. If you are wanting to walk this rich and rewarding time with awareness, please give me a call.

To a joyful 3rd Act! Mary

I have had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing this unexpected insight into my own personal and professional leadership journey with Mary as my coach and mentor. Fostering the right balance in a relationship, she centers the discussion and is able to bring forward meaningful questions that drive to the heart of the subject, yet convey a wisdom that I believe is remarkable. Mary's creative approach pulled my career, home life and creative self into a collaborative journey that was transformational for me. Thank you Mary, you are the best.

Eleanor - former Dean NAIT
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Mary Johnson PCC, Bridgeworks Consulting, Edmonton Alberta

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We will survive

Mary Johnson - Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Today is election day in Alberta. For the past (officially) 4 weeks we have had a parade of dire and dastardly things paraded out to us if we vote this way or that. It's been nasty. Disappointingly so. The larger container of our country has similar commentaries and  nastiness are shaping up as our federal election will be this fall. And with our neighbour to the south the long mad road to their election 2 years hence has begun. 

I have felt so over run with the negativity that I have reduced my news intake. So many opinions. News pundits in my face. Predictions of election interference. What are the real goods? My checking and rechecking does nothing to the change the rhetoric. It just has me worrying about things that may not happen. And no news before bed!! That's why a conversation yesterday with an amazing older woman went a long way to putting my mind and heart at ease. 

 A bit of background. Her personal history is marked with much trauma. I was taken back by the challenges she has faced. Survival is a strong thread through her time on this earth. Survival personally and now in her later years more broadly in support of the survival of our species as she put it. This has her take up a number of causes locally as well as provincially. She was quite clear that what she does may not make a difference OR it might. Her larger context is that it makes no difference who gets elected today or in the fall or south of the border. It might make some initiatives harder! Either way we will survive and meet the challenges of whoever and whatever shows up. We always do! I needed to hear that.      

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